Excellent performance

RAPTOR detex

No pressure in the entire pipeline just like detexline system, a competitive system with the same protecfire quality and durability

Raptor detex
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Raptor detex

Fire Suppression System for Mining and Off-Road Vehicles

Due to ever more compact and efficient construction machines, which also have to meet stricter and stricter environmental requirements, the risk of fire is increasing. As a result of Protecfire ingenuity and consistent research & development of the extinguishing technology for heavy vehicle engine protection, we created a revolutionary fire suppression technology that is unlike any others. We call this new system Raptor DX (detexline (detection – extinguishing Line) ; With no pressure in the entire pipeline, an integrated pipeline technology.

With this patented system, the extinguishing and pilot function are carried out over just one pipe line, the liquid agent container is compact and factory sealed, the patented SPY detectors can be selected based on pre-determined temperature for activation (as we believe that the engine compartment have different temperatures at different areas, such as the turbocharger).

Our compact design provides saving on material and mounting, this solution takes up less space in the object it protects and can be optimally integrated. Installation is quick and easy as there are only four main components; Liquid Agent container, Manual Actuators, Detectors and Spray Nozzles. No electricity is needed. No plastic tube detectors!

Whether it’s digging mineral coal at a depth of 1500m, conveying potash and salt to the surface or building a tunnel, the rough conditions in the mining industry demand a lot from humans and machines.

The protecfire extinguishing system is perfectly suitable for this area because of its tough compactness and insensitivity to external harsh environment. It is a very suitable solution for digging mineral coal because there are no electrical components in the system that could cause an ignition.

Since the system is almost maintenance-free, high expenses and downtimes are significantly reduced for the operating company. Multiple fire tests carried out by various customers have proven the effectiveness of the extinguishing technology.

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