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About protecfire GmbH

Eng. Roberto Solis - protecfire CEO
Eng. Roberto Solis - protecfire CEO

The Company

protecfire® was founded in Luebeck Germany in December 2001 by Eng. Roberto Solis who is a Certified Professional Engineer (M.Sc. in ME) specializing in the field of Industrial Automatic Fire Extinguishing and Suppression Systems since 1983.

  As a result of protecfire initial few years of rapid growth and innovation, Fagus- Grecon GmbH, a German company founded in 1911 which has a division specializing in Spark Detection technology and fire prevention, joined forces with Mr. Roberto Solis and further expanded the company.

  protecfire® humble beginning was at the most hazardous sector; the underground coal mining in Germany.

At that time no company was able to provide a suitable and high quality purely mechanical, automatic fire suppression systems using a fine-spray liquid agent. protecfire® stood up to the demanding challenges and succeeded.

  The company expanded it’s product range to now serve all mining machinery, bus, wind turbine, commercial kitchen with liquid extinguishing agents and fine spray technology, and also to the defense industries.

What do we do?

The most unique fire protection systems in the world.

Every day we develop with the highest quality, the most innovative fire protection systems.

From Wind Turbines, Kitchens, Vehicles, buildings, our product applications are custom tailored and developed for each customer.
We build pre-engineered fire protection systems so that their installation and maintenance are as simple as they can be.

 protecfire® owns several patents, including ultra fast heat detection via glass bulbs, dust suppression fine spray technology, liquid agent expulsion via embedded rubber balloon technology, self cleaning kitchen nozzles and many other innovative and cutting edge technology solutions.

  protecfire® takes pride in its highest product quality (e.g. using only stainless steel components) and efficient service. As a result of this high quality philosophy, protecfire® has evolved into becoming the largest supplier of automatic fire suppression systems in the German wind turbine and mining sector, and has also been certified and approved as supplier to the European military vehicle industry.

Our team

We are more than 50 workers ready to make your projects come true 😉

As we like everything to be done “in house”, in addition to the international commercials and representatives, we also have local engineers, sales team, installers, and what couldn’t be missing… Our dearest manufacturers team. What do we gain with this? Greater control, agility, communication, efficiency and boosting companionship.

protecfire assistance vans

Road Map

protecfire®  is a company in full expansion!

The last years were of a galloping internationalization. We are present in all continents, with specialized and highly motivated distributors.

Great sales success essentially has four factors:

  • A company that is easy to contact and has highly motivated teams.
  • A unique product and technology far from all competition.
  • Legal obligation to use fire safety systems on companies.
  • Mentality that is increasingly changing, where we see companies increasingly investing in safety.
  • All these factors lead protecfire to have the need to expand teams, factories, and distribution networks.

Internationalization is the engine for the future.

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